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Is the Java Virtual Machine installed?

If the animations and the multimedia content of the web-pages cannot be reproduced the problem might be related to the fact that Java Virtual Machine is not downloaded.

Download and install the Sun Microsystems Java Virtual Machine

Download JVM (automatic installation): http://java.com/it/

Manual download and installation: http://java.com/it/download/manual.jsp

Problems with the SUN Java Virtual Machine?

To solve the most common problems related to the installation and functioning of the Java Virtual Machine you can consult this guide for Java technology and troubleshooting:http://java.com/it/download/help/index.xml

Useful information on Microsoft Java Virtual Machine.

La Microsoft Java Virtual Machine is not included anymore in the operating systems Windows Xp, starting with Windows Xp Service Pack 1a. Unfortunately many sites still use the MSJVM technology.

Is Macromedia Flash Player installed?


OAlmost all the web-pages contain animations in Macromedia Flash. It is therefore necessary to install the Plug-in in order to be able to visualise them!